Special Services

High Frequency Scalp Treatment
An High Frequency Scalp Treatment provides these benefits listed below:
  •  Stimulaton of the  cells of the scalp activates natural oils and nutrients resulting in healthy, shiny and strong hair.

  • Controls Hair Loss

  • Gives boost to blood circulation in scalp and stimulates local glandular activity

  • Assists in hair growth & gives a shiny healthy look to your hair

  • Relieves stress and relaxes your scalp muscles by the supply of soothing infra-red heat to the nervous system of the scalp.        DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.


Tinting EyeBrow 

The chemical process involved in dyeing the eyelashes and eyebrows is principally the same

as that of  precaution of using a protective cream and or padding to safeguard the surrounding tissues in the area before applying any product. The mixture is applied to the desired  areas using a small brush to provide maximum control of the application. The product is washed away carefully.             EyeLash and EyeBrow Tinting COUNTED SERIES  and  COMBINATION PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE.

Tinting EyeLash

Darkens eyelashes, helps eyelashes appear fuller; can give the effect of eyeliner; smudge-water resistant; There's no need to use mascara.