Facial Chemical Peel

These peels are much more intensive and peeling will occur. The price of this peel includes your follow-up enzymes treatment that is necessary after peels. Theses peels are Jesner, TCA and Combination Solution.. DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Natural Enzyme Facial Peel

Our Natural Peels are pumpkin, glycol, enzymes, latic, salicylic and infra-red lighting. This is a wonderful way to get your skin detoxed and exfoliated! DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.


Hand Peel / Foot Peel

Our hand and foot eliminates dull, cracked, dry and discoloration of the skin. Your youthful, soft, smooth and supple skin will surface.  DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Full Body Peel / Half Body Peel

This treatment includes Cleansing, Steaming, Scrub, Peel, Extractions if needed, and a Mask. At home post care products are available to maintain the treatment. This is a series treatment needed to get  rapid results.. DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.