Gentlemen Facial

We address the special needs of men such as razor bumps, discoloration and irritation.  We steam clean the skin, exfoliate, extractions of ingrown, mask, hydrate and protect.  We also teach you how to shave to avoid the skin problems you are experiencing.    DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Gentlemen's Corner

Gentlemen Signature Facial

In addition to the services provided in the Gentlemen Facial, the Gentlmen's Signature Facial

includes are toning, natural peel, eye treatment, and moisturizing. We use Lusterskin Products    to assist in continuing the process to healthy skin.    DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Facial Chemical Peel

These peels are much more intensive and peeling will occur. The price of this peel includes your follow-up enzymes treatment that is necessary after peels. Theses peels are Jesner, TCA and Combination Solution.. DISCOUNTED SERIES ARE AVAILABLE.